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PeaceThe relaxing serenity of pure white blooms create a glorious sense of peace. The delicate fragrances of Freesia, luxury Roses, Lisianthus, Oriental Lily and Waxflower create an ambiance that even the UN would be proud of.Was £39.99 Now £29.99

Blue Dendrobium

Blue<br />
DendrobiumUndeniably exciting and weirdly enticing! These Dyed, pigmented electric blue galaxy Dendrobium orchids not only make an incredibly unusual gift, they also make a superb talking point for any Dinner party! Step into a world of wonderful with these unique blooms.Was £26.99 Now £19.99

A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap

A Dozen<br />
Red Roses GiftwrapSay those three words she’s been waiting to hear: Dozen. Red. Roses. The classic romantic gesture will make your intentions clear.Was £24.99 Now £19.99

Pink Lilies and Roses

Pink<br />
Lilies and RosesLike the Vedic God of storms this tempestuous hand-tie of glowing Aqua roses and flaming oriental lilies is enough to ignite the passion in anyone.Was £44.99 Now £34.99

Summer Skies

Summer<br />
SkiesLaying in the sun, gazing up at the summer sky, beautiful blues and fluffy white clouds, the scents of lily and freesia on the breeze. You can have all that with this fabulous bouquet, except the sun… sorry, we try to please but we can’t do magic!Was £34.99 Now £29.99

Bali Hai

Bali HaiGarland your love in waves of exotic dendrobium orchids washed up on the shores of tropical romance.Was £26.99 Now £19.99


AmazoniaGet your jungle jive on at Club Tropicana – ‘cos these showgirl heliconias sure know how to party. Big, bold shapes. Big, bold colours. Big, bold impact.Was £26.99 Now £19.99

Scentsational Basket

Scentsational BasketWalk through a colourful wonderland, a visual tapestry of bright Germini blooms punctuated by delicate Freesia scents, all beautifully interspersed by daisy-like Chrysanthemums and ruscus foliage. An absolutely delightful gift for flower fans of all ages!Was £29.99 Now £24.99

Spring Chicken

Spring<br />
ChickenFresh as a daisy and cute as a cucumber! This charming bright bouquet of scented Freesias, blue Irises, yellow Roses and daisy-like Chrysanthemums will brighten up any home with its boundless brilliance!Was £34.99 Now £29.99


TwilightTake a moonlight stroll down twilit lanes while silvery starlight dances on lavender freesia and the petals of white roses.Was £24.99 Now £19.99

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Unemployment Fraud Crackdown

For years, budget negotiations have been burdened with unyielding challenges designed at reversing the Commonwealth’s financial footing. Lawmakers are now facing the consequences of decades of unsustainable government spending. The Great Recession met with a harsh reality as tax revenues dropped substantially. With sluggish growth, Pennsylvania’s families are faced with the constant struggle to make ends meet. In a step in the right direction, the Corbett administration ruled out tax hikes as a means of balancing the public ledger. Fiscal responsibility is clearly associated with tough decisions as significant spending cuts continue to be made. In difficult fiscal times, there is no room for fraudulent entitlement claims. To this end, House Republicans have introduced legislation designed at cracking down on the abuse of unemployment benefits.

According to PA Independent, taxpayers funded more than $367 million in overpayments and fraudulent claims last year alone. This equates to a 10 percent payment error. Unfortunately, this mismanagement of taxpayer money has totaled more than a billion dollars since 2012. There have even been reports of prison inmates collecting benefits. It is an injustice that valuable programs and services are facing substantial cuts when the state government is wasting tremendous sums of money on fraudulent entitlement claims.

The bills proposed by the House Labor and Industry Committee would eliminate existing limitations for curtailing fraud and prohibit those individuals who choose to quit their jobs from receiving benefits. It is clearly an oversight that these common sense measures were not incorporated into unemployment benefit practices at its inception. The Democratic chair of the committee seems to be overlooking such common sense practices along with the billion dollars in government mismanagement. The Philadelphia Democrat exclaims that these measures will only make it “harder” for people to collect benefits in times of need. Yes, it would be harder for those individuals who illegitimately receive benefits based on fraudulent claims.

The Democratic chair also claims that these reforms will not address the unemployment fund’s insolvency. If the Representative was truly concerned about solvency, he would have pushed for these bills four years ago and saved more than $1 billion. The Commonwealth now owes more than $3.7 billion to the federal government unemployment fund. This outlandish debt is set to collect interest. If Pennsylvania is unable to pay, the federal government will be forced to impose higher unemployment taxes on working Keystone residents.

The stakes are high in the budget process and Republicans must pass the reform provisions for unemployment compensation. Pennsylvania cannot afford to waste money on overpayments and fraudulent claims. The Commonwealth already owes billions to the federal government. Putting an end to cases of abuse is the first step toward reaching a state of solvency. Lawmakers must meticulously examine areas of waste and abuse in other government agencies and departments before cutting health and educational services.

Private PA Lottery Means Multi-Billion Dollar Jackpot

As the General Assembly reconvenes for a new session, the Senate Finance Committee scheduled a hearing on the proposal to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery.

A Legislative Budget and Finance Committee report released in February 2012 revealed that the state’s aging population will demand more in services than lottery revenue growth. Rather than cut critical programs or raise taxes on working Pennsylvanians, the administration has sought private experts as a means to boost essential revenues. 

More than nine months ago, the Department of Revenue began to solicit potential private lottery managers. While three private bids were initially received, two companies had dropped due to the state’s robust requirements of having to pay for profit shortfalls.

The remaining bidder, Camelot Global Services, has guaranteed a minimum of $34 billion in lottery profits over the next 20 years. When compared to historic lottery performance, this amounts to an additional $2.3 billion for senior services in the first decade of the agreement alone.

The privatization proposal does not incorporate the sale of the lottery, but rather an agreement for a private manager. Pennsylvania will retain full ownership rights and the ability to inspect and audit the lottery. The contract also boasts other accountability measures such as $200 million in collateral for profit shortfalls, annual business plans and the ability to terminate the agreement after three years for any reason.

Under the current proposal, the state will retain 70 of the 230 lottery employees while the remaining 160 workers are guaranteed an additional year of employment. During transition, Camelot will offer new positions to state employees and the state will find replacement positions for those not receiving an offer. This deal requires that Camelot incorporates in Pennsylvania, paying the same taxes as other businesses and that 80 percent of lottery workers and hours be located in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Lottery’s private management agreement makes winners out of both seniors and taxpayers alike. In contrast to the current system that has missed budgeted sales in four of the last eight years, the private contract will deliver billions more in revenues for senior programs and ensure that taxpayers are not on the hook for shortfalls.